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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 20, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] broadcastom the abc 7 center, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. on campus. police trying to figure out what caused a graduate of florida state university to shoot three students. thet happened inside library while students were studying for finals. john gonzalez is at the live desk. >> new information, the gunman
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has been identified as an alumnus, a lawyer who graduated from fsu. students say they heard rapid .unfire from the third floor the motors is still unknown. this ended with a dramatic shootout. studentsing scene, huddled in the library after gunshots are fired. >> call 911. >> oh my god. >> three students were shot, one in critical condition. the gunman opened fire just after midnight when 400 students were in the library studying. to this videovene from inside the building. >> everybody is traumatized and crying. >> a junior was in the starbucks sn the lobby when chao
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erecd. >> people started yelling. >> one student recalled seeing the shooter. >> he had walked right past the shooter, a six foot tall man in a red sweater. he saw him pull out his gun. >> police flooded the area. the shooter shot at police, they returned fire, killing him. there were 20 cap cars surrounding the library. they started screaming put the weapon down. they shot him 20 to 30 times. the campus officers who were involved or not current. all scheduled classes, including exams, has been canceled. news.onzalez, abc 7 >> thank you. still cold as we turn to the weather. at least we are seeing a slight warm-up. a live look in alexandria. a lot of sunshine. eileen whelan has a look at
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where we are seeing the warmest temperatures. alexandria? >> right here in d.c., 52 degrees at reagan national. it feels pretty good. youthful conditions. -- beautiful conditions, a breeze at 15 miles per hour. we take another drop in the temperature department tomorrow before rebounding. 52 at reagan national, 43 in baltimore. manassas. a breeze out of the southwest. cold front approaching the area. making temperatures feel a little bit on the cool side. overnight,g and temperatures fall into the 40's and into the 20's overnight. i will talk more about the cold letter for tomorrow. big warming trend early next week. details from the belfort furniture weather center in a bit. the colts not being blamed
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for a water main break in prince george's county. nap is being s blamed for a water main break in prince george's county. brianne carter is live in suitland. >> take a live look. we still have water coming out of this pipe. where is the water coming from? e, this was created by the massive water main that ruptured last night >>. >> we need water. the way toe was on her salon when she got a call that the facets were dry. business along silver hill road that cannot open because of a water main break wednesday night. worked to pump water out
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of this crater that sits in the road after a 14 inch pipe blew open. crews working to repair the 70-year-old line. wssc officials say colder weather could have been a factor. three or four days and we have had 50 or 60 breaks. we can attribute that to the cold weather. >> stephanie just hopes they can get it fixed fast. as long as the water is off, she cannot make money. >> a lot of money. a lot of clients. we probably had between 10 and 30 clients coming through. not just business owners, also drivers are hoping this will be reopened sooner rather than later.
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the northbound lanes remain closed because of this. crews working to come through this area almost hourly as they try to get this cleaned up. officials tell me optimistically they hope to have it open by the evening rush. if not, at least by tomorrow morning. brianne carter, abc 7 news. president obama now expected to announce his measures on immigration tonight. the expected executive action could spare 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. jeanette reyes reports. many are waiting for a decision from president obama that could change the lives of millions. it could cause more division on the hill and around the country. --some steps i can take >> president obama is set to take sweeping executive action detecting 5 million
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undocumented immigrants from deportation. the move is expected to inflame a highly divided congress. republicans have fired back, saying executive action would poison their relationship. not ruled outas the possibility of another government shutdown if the president follows through with his promise. people we talked to had strong feelings on the issue as well. >> i do not have any anyonsibility to provide kind of assistance to people who came here illegally. >> it needs to happen as soon as possible. >> others take issue with the route the president is taking. >> he should wait until he has support from the senate. to somethingcoming that will make sense for both sides, that is never going to happen. >> set to make the announcement at 8:00. jeanette reyes, abc 7. >> watch the speech at 8:00 live
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on our sister station, news channel 8. d.c. mayor vincent gray talking about his rejected plea deal. faces possible indictment for running a shadow campaign in 2010. he rejected a plea deal to plead guilty to a felony count. mayor gray says he has not done anything wrong. have said from the very beginning that i did nothing. there was no plea deal for me to accept. that is where we are at this point. >> six of the mayor's supporters and associates pleaded guilty to felonies, mostly for telling lies to the fbi. >> 7 is on your side. they can't explode and strike drivers and passengers with explode andthey can
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strike drivers and passengers with retinal. shrapnel. committee is examining the recall. the sister of a victim in the forta airbag crash calling changes. potentially dangerous strollers. recalling almost 5 million strollers. can pinch ahinge child's finger, possibly causing amputations. we have the full list of the models and their numbers, and a link for repairs at .> another alert intelligence officials issuing a webcam warning. they say hackers are accessing baby monitors and home security
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cameras, turning them on, and posting the video online. these videos are posted to a russian website. the investigation started in great britain but they are warning consumers worldwide. the hackers take advantage of the fact that many users keep the default password. it is not just let camps. some apps do, too. once spyware is installed, you can see a user's text, e-mails, you can listen on private conversations. a way toadvertised as watch over kids or employees but that is often not what they are used for. is ametimes there disclaimer saying it may be illegal to use this without consent. they tell you how to remove traces. >> tonight at 11:00, why using this kind of app to spy on your significant other can land you in trouble with the law.
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>> coming up on abc 7 news at noon, hitting the road. how busy the thanksgiving travel season will get. >> buffalo buried. huns are turning into equally as how many more feet of snow is expected. actoredian, athlete, terry crews joins us in studio to talk about his new gig. >> a roller coaster of temperatures. eileen
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> more than 46 million
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americans will getaway to celebrate rings giving according to aaa -- to celebrate according to aaa. >> the most people traveling since 2007. the lowest gas prices in years. the auto club released its travel forecast at reagan national airport. that place will be jumping next wednesday. >> yeah. should be crazy. hopefully the weather will be good. as of now, things look good. >> hopefully no delays. it is still a week out. buffalo? >> i know. hopefully the lake effect snow will taper off. cold front coming through, a little colder in frostburg, maryland. 31. weak cold front, winds out of the southwest.
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fairfax, a lot of clear skies and 50 degrees. time we've seen 50 degrees in about 48 hours. a pretty nice thing. a few clouds. you can see this is where the cold front is. no rain associated. a few high, thin clouds that that is it. it is so comfortable, 52 at reagan national, 45 in gaithersburg, 47 and dulles. not far.r is temperatures into the 20's, 25 in chicago, 26 in detroit. decoder air mass moves in tomorrow. windy, get pretty making it colder. this front is sliding through. if anything you will see a few passing clouds. tonight, temperatures tumble into the lower 20's to around 30 degrees downtown.
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it is going to be breezy. to 40 degrees. noticeably colder. and quite breezy, that will bring wind chill values down. tomorrow at 7:00 a.m., getting out the door for work and getting kids to the bus stop, these are the temperatures it will feel like. it will feel like the teens across the area. through the afternoon at 2:00, it is still going to feel like temperatures are in the 20's even though the air temperature will get into the middle 30's. and then the wind starts to subside. .ater wind into the weekend on saturday, in silver spring, brian van de graaff will be at the montgomery county thanksgiving parade. it will start off cold in the 20's and temperatures will climb into the mid 40's. climb into thes upper 50's. a chance for rain after 3:00. the best chance late in the
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evening and possibly a shower lingering into monday. temperatures are the big highlight, 67 degrees on monday, 60 on tuesday. it is going to feel incredible after this cold snap. >> you can have the windows open as you are doing thanksgiving cooking. >> summertime all over again. >> folks in buffalo are not as lucky. people in new york are dealing with another punishing round of snow. 6 feet has fallen and it is not done. , iting us live in buffalo has not even melted at all. nothing has melted yet. it is very cold and snow continues to fall. 6ght now we are around the feet to seven feet mark. officials are warning folks to stay off the roads. the storm is not done yet. westernf in sight for
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new york. up to three feet of snow expected. that is on top of the more than six feet that has already fallen since tuesday. >> a storm of unprecedented proportions. we are prepared by the storm is gigantic. >> travel bans are in place and new york governor andrew cuomo declared a state of emergency tuesday. >> buffalo can handle snow. probably going to break all records for snowfall in buffalo, which is saying something. alleavy equipment rolled night, clearing roads and busting local budgets. >> more snowfall this week and the rest of the winter combined. entire budgets could be spent during this one week episode that would ordinarily be spent over a whole winter. >> officials want people to stay in their homes. many of them may not have a
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choice. >> we are closed in. there is not an area to sling the snow. kind of restricted. you do what you have to do. >> james was trapped inside his home. capture whatne to the snow left behind. warmer temperatures expected this weekend, possibly causing flooding because the melting snow has to go somewhere. this historic storm has put the nfl football game scheduled for sunday in buffalo in doubt. initially it looked like the bills were going to find a way to play against the jets. they are calling for people to come to the stadium and help tons of snow.,000 during a press conference, andrew cuomo says he thought it would be impractical for the team to play. saidrie county executive
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he could not guarantee that the county could provide resources to keep everyone safe. the final decision will be up to the nfl. see what theyl decide. if they were to post on an nfl game, that would be an indication of how big the storm is. >> safety comes first. ryan is live in buffalo. stay warm. up on abc 7 news at noon, we are going from warm to hot. terry crews is in d.c. >>
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>> from the nfl 10 acting to writing, terry crews does it all. >> he is hosting "who wants to
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be a millionaire." how is it going? >> it is good. we have barbara from "shark tank," andy cohen. hollywoodends from are coming to play with me. it is the best thing i have ever done. >> all the folks are playing for charity. >> they have enough money. [laughter] they are winning big money for charities. like inviting your friends over in your living room and playing a board game. all the money goes to good causes. farew do celebrities against regular folks? >> it is amazing. the way "millionaire" works, you've got to know a little bit about everything. celebrities tend to be insulated. there's a lot of thinking. come on, you can do it -- i try to cheer them on. the good thing is, all our
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celebrities are supersmart and did extremely well. >> is there one celebrity you would like to see stumped? not that died. i want to see everybody make it. one big thing is that when you see that charities that they are trying to play for, when you see what they are trying to do. we have a daytime talk show, she " jerryn from "the chew, springer comes in. it really melts my heart. >> we cannot wait to check it out. thank you for joining us. watch "who
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>> things are getting better. >> a little bit of a dip tomorrow, and middle to upper 30's. the wind chill values will be in the 20's. we rebound into the mid 40's on saturday. sunday, if you have any plans outdoors after 3:00 p.m., bring them inside. a good bit of showers across the region. upper 60's return by early next week. it will feel goo
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[dramatic music] [cheers and applause] ♪ >> yeah! [cheers and applause] [laughs] hup! hup! [cheers and applause] welcome to millionaire! we're having even more fun than usual around here, because all this week, we've got big stars playing for their favorite charities. it's celebrity week! [cheers and applause] today's returning celebrity contestant is a real estate mogul who's hoping to take a big bite out of the million bucks all in the name of charity. from the hit show shark tank, please welcome barbara corcoran! [cheers and applause] hi, barbara. come on over here.


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